I started writing causeries in the ’60s. I joined a local newspaper company called NorraSkåne as a journalist and wrote causeries for the paper. After submitting some stories, I contacted the editorial secretary and asked if he needed more ournalists. "Yes, I do. When are you coming?" he enquired.
       But that was then. Sweden was making strong progress on all fronts, and companies were calling for people. If you were looking for a job, you got one immediately. The employment service in Hörby had 5–6 open jobs a day at that time.
      Since then I worked at various companies doing writing or translating. Today, after being retired, I write short stories for this blog and in Facebook as well in English and Swedish. 
      Hope you'll find something of interest here. Thank you for passing by.  

Björn Johnsson, Helsingborg, Sweden

You can reach me by e-mail: bjorn@kemdok.se