The stories relate to incidents that have taken place both near and away from Sweden. Almost everyone has faced such situations, albeit colored by the comic or dramatic nature of the moment. You probably recognize yourself in many of the situations and claim that they're "typical", so to speak. You will also find some of the causeries to be entirely fictional.



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Welcome to Stories from Sweden and more

Pontus Jansson's "Balance" symbolizes what
I am striving for - balanced stories which
are  cliff hangers too.

I do have money... but not really

As a small saver in equities and mutual funds, I trade with both Avanza and SEB.

    It is easy and smooth to buy and sell shares at Avanza. As soon as I have sold a shareholding, the money is available in my account within minutes.

    But with SEB, it takes several days - almost a week - before I can withdraw the money. I can buy shares for them, but not use them as cash. Then of course one wonders why I cannot withdraw the money right away? What does SEB use my money for in the meantime?

    I have cleared up the confusion. Avanza takes a small fee when making the money instantly available at your account. The regular banking delay is two  days before the money is available in your account.